great, a new distraction for the squirrel chasing talking heads

CIA Director has an affair and resigns.

yes, this is something that will impact all our lives……. NOT

but its something new for them to all sink their teeth into and discuss the hows, whys, possible causes, etc.  i’m sure we will all know what he has for the breakfast the day he resigned, along with what he watched on tv, if he changed his socks, what positions in the kama sutra he liked, etc.  all those earth shattering details that will help us all understand why he shtooped another woman…..


so here we are, +24 hours later and the talking heads are still talking about all the money spent/wasted/lost on republican candidate races, and about who voted for who, and about super pacs, and about etc, etc, etc

when are they going to stop talking about all this crap and start talking about how we are going to succeed in getting both parties to work together?

when are they going to talk about what is happening with the clean up and rebuilding from Hurricane Sandy?

when are they going to talk about something other than the 2012 elections, and not so amazingly, they are already talking about 2016…….

when will this shit end?